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Mental wellbeing and resilience training for SMEs

At Mint Leaf Consulting we are passionate about supporting SMEs in building a culture that prioritises employee mental health and resilience. We believe this leads to true magic at work through innovation, top talent retention, and becoming an employer of choice.

We offer mental wellbeing and resilience workshops for all levels in your organisation. Our workshops can enhance, protect and support mental health leading to happier more productive employees.

Analysis by Deloitte in January 2020 found that poor mental health costs UK employers up to £45 billion each year.

The research shows that it quite literally pays to support employees’ mental health. On average, for every £1 spent on supporting their people’s mental health, employers get £5 back on their investment in reduced presenteeism, absenteeism and staff turnover.

Increasing awareness of mental health can help break the silence and stigma around this topic. It can lead to a more open and inclusive culture. Leaders, managers and all employees should feel supported and be confident to have conversations with their teams, their own manager, and their colleagues about sensitive issues like mental health. Our workshops will allow team members to help themselves and others, and - where appropriate - direct colleagues to specialist sources of support.

We can support you to build an inclusive culture which prioritises mental health, and ultimately to become an employer of choice.

Please get in touch today for a free, informal chat to explore how we can help.

Our Services

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Leadership resilience workshops

This workshop helps leaders understand what mental health and resilience is and why it is important for them personally and for their organisation. Using a special tool we look at understanding leaders' current resilience levels. This is a departure point to explore how to improve and protect resilience levels, and how to look after their general mental wellbeing. It is critical that leaders know how to look after themselves so they are able to role-model resilient behaviours: this can help create a safe and supportive work culture from the top down.

Working Together

Manager resilience workshops

This workshop is designed for managers and team leaders to understand how to look after mental wellbeing and resilience. Managers do not need to have all of the answers but it's important that they feel competent to support their teams. Managers have a huge role when it comes to the mental health issues of their teams. They should be equipped with the knowledge and confidence to understand common mental health problems and identify signs and symptoms of poor mental health within their teams in order to support them effectively and build a resilient team.

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All staff mental health and wellbeing training

Prevention is better than cure and in this training session, aimed at all staff, individuals will learn what mental health and resilience are, why they are critical in these uncertain times, and how they can protect and grow in both areas. Attendees will learn how to spot early warning signs, manage stress, and where to get help and support.

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Mental health and resilience workshops for minority groups

People from Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic (BAME) backgrounds, those with learning disabilities, women, men aged between 40-49 years old (highest suicide rate in the UK), and those from the LGBTQ+ community are more likely to suffer from mental health issues. These workshops are designed to provide a safe forum and support for people in these categories, as they are particularly vulnerable.

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Bespoke workshops

We would be happy to create bespoke workshops and training sessions for your needs. Just give us a call or email, and a member of our team can help devise training for your specific requirements.

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